Micro-Peel Masque Formula

Micro-Peel Masque Formula is designed to deeply exfoliate the skin. The effects are: tightening pores, prevention of comedones, improving texture of the skin and acceleration of skin cell renewal. The use of Micro-Peel also makes the skin more receptive to the properties of the active ingredients in other Pro-Dermâ„¢ products.

Micro-Peel Masque Formula


Mask for face, neck and neckline if desired. Suitable for normal to oily skin prone to comedones or dilated pores. Not recommended for very sensitive skin.


After your face has been thoroughly cleansed with Pro-DermTM Gentle Cleanser, apply an opaque layer approximately 3 mm thick. A mild tingling sensation when applying the cream is a sign of AHA activity. After 20-30 minutes, take off the mask with a warm facial cloth and rinse with clear water. This mask does not dry on the skin. May be repeated once a week. Share

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